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How Does a Hospitality Staffing Agency Work?

Posted by The Universal Group on Jan 29, 2018 2:56:08 PM
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Hospitality agencies are field-specific temporary agencies that provide food, beverage and event-related support for your company. When considering a hospitality staffing agency for your next event, you might be curious about how these agencies operate. Here is the 6-step guide on the process of how hospitality temporary agencies will work with you to provide the best workforce for your events.  

Step One: Request for Services

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Map out when you will need the services of a hospitality temporary employment agency. Most events will require at least 1-2 weeks advanced notice to request the right number of temporary employees. Events that might be larger in size will require up to a month’s notice to adequately staff the event. However, some hospitality employment agencies provide workers at a moment’s notice.

Step Two: Service Agreement Sent

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Once your chosen hospitality staffing agency has confirmed they can help with your request, ensure the temporary agency provide a service agreement which includes the following: 

  • Type of services 

- Agreeing on the services that will be provided by the hiring firm on behalf of your company.

  • Provision of workers

- Setting duties that need to be performed by workers on event sites.

  • Service fees

- This includes wages and coverages included in the use of the staffing company, along with taxes.

Step Three: Recruitment

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Now, it’s time for the temporary hospitality agency to recruit its employees. Quality hospitality temporary employment agencies will choose employees that fit with your company’s culture. They are experts in deciphering these requirements and they will interview you to assess these needs. In many cases, it can be difficult to fully describe your needs and wants for temporary employees. However, hospitality temporary employment agencies will have a strong sense of the types of job seekers in your market.

Temporary employment agencies can use various screening methods such as interviews, certification checks, and written tests to ensure these employees will fit your work environment.

Step Four: On-boarding 

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Once a temporary employment agency has found a pool of candidates for your work period, the agency will set out the expectations for all selected staff. This includes distributing a wage agreement and sending all relevant information needed to complete the role. In some cases, training may be required for a specific event. In this case, the agency will set up training times with your company to train the temporary employees adequately before the event or program. By providing job and event-related information before the staff start their jobs, it will ensure the productivity of the workforce on site.

Step Five: Booking & Scheduling of Staff

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A hospitality temporary employment agency will then set up shifts for all confirmed temporary employees for your event. This service will remove the inconvenience of scheduling on your end. The staffing company will check with each person to make sure that they will be present for their assigned shifts.

Step 6: Payment

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When you hire a hospitality temporary employment agency, you will be required to pay a fee and sign a contract for their services. This contract states that the agency will pay all temporary employees directly. Hiring a hospitality temporary employment agency for your event relieves the hassle of deducting taxes for temporary employees in this case. It is the agency’s role to pay all contracted temporary employment staff, once the event is completed. This includes calculating all taxes and service fees that are deducted from an employee’s wages, which is included in every employee’s contract.

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