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How to Choose the Right Temporary Labour Agency

Posted by The Universal Group on Jan 18, 2018 11:11:14 AM
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When you consider hiring temporary employment in construction, you may decide to use a temporary labour agency to support this process. An agency can efficiently eliminate the hassle of recruitment, payroll and administrative burden and lets you focus on your project. Choosing the right temporary employment agency is critical to ensure your organization can ultimately benefit from temporary employment – but how do you know you are selecting the proper agency?

Here are a few factors to consider:

Area of focus

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General staffing agencies are useful for companies that may hire employees for a range of positions. However, if you require employees with a specialization or an area of focus, choosing a field-specific employment agency is recommended. A field-specific employment agency will understand your company’s market, project needs, and required labour. If you are in the construction field, you should work with a firm that has a thorough understanding of construction processes and workforce management. This way, when you request the labour service, the agency can determine the right fit and skill sets that satisfy your requirements to get your project done.


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You will come across a range of agencies on the national and local level. While national agencies might carry a larger clientele, local agencies may be equally strong in your community. To check and research an agency’s reputation, examine the agency’s client base. Long-standing clients is a key sign that a temporary agency maintains a good reputation; the rule of quality over quantity applies. Ask what kind of projects or companies have the agency provided the labour supply for. In construction, the scope of work varies greatly depending on the size and budget. Be sure to check if the agency has enough experience that fits the criteria of your project to ensure the quality of the labour pool.

Hiring Practice and Recruitment Process

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Every agency may hire temporary employees differently. Some agencies will use a computer-based screening method, while others may combine in-person interviews or psychological tests when screening employees. Examine your hiring practices to check if they align with a chosen temporary employment agency. These processes can indicate how well a temporary employee will fit in your company. For the construction field, there are often cases where you need extra hands on a short 1-2-day notice, or you might be looking for very specialized positions. Make sure you go over these special conditions with an agency before you commit.  


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When choosing a temporary employment agency that will suit your needs, communication is key. While the agency may not inform you of every step of the hiring process, (that’s why you are choosing an agency after all), you should never feel in the dark when working with an agency. Make sure all your questions are answered during the consultation phase. Transparency from any business is a must if you want to know you’re receiving the right service. An agency with a lack of transparency and detail might be a sign that the agency is not the best choice for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or set up regular meetings leading up to the dispatch dates to your construction site.

Here are a few more tips to consider when hiring temporary labourers in the construction field:

  • Pricing: Consider your project budget and the number of employees you wish to hire. In some cases, agencies may offer discounts if you negotiate early.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Check the temporary agencies guarantee conditions, most agencies will offer a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Added Services: Check other added services that a temporary employment agency may offer such as a drug, criminal, credit, and background checks.


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