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What Can Universal Group Do For You?

Posted by The Universal Group on Jun 30, 2019 9:00:00 AM
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Yes, we’re experts in flagging and traffic control, but we’re so much more.

Surely, you’ve seen our fleet of branded trucks. Filled with signage, cones, delineators, and barriers, our trucks are commandeered by a team of certified lane control technicians who work with dispatchers and flaggers to minimize a project’s impact on traffic. All over Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver, and the Okanagan, our team ensures safe passage for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles around project sites with minimal interruptions to the community.

Flagging and Traffic Control

Universal Flagging and GOtraffic are Universal Group’s best-known brands. These one-stop shops for traffic control provide services ranging from traffic management plans to traffic control persons for one-day or multiple-day projects and have become known for excellent customer service and safe and efficient project sites. But there’s more!

Traffic Management Plans

Our in-house Traffic Management Planning department is happy to assist with strategic traffic control plans respective to construction work, road work, municipal work, bridge building, film locations, or special events. With thousands of approved plans under their belt, they can have plans out the door in 24 hours, if needed.

Traffic Equipment Rentals

Universal Traffic Supply offers an extensive inventory of traffic equipment for those projects that don’t require traffic control persons. Equipment ranges from solar power message boards to wind masters and traffic barriers with options for long- or short-term rentals or buys.


Projects that can benefit from thoughtful landscape design, installation, and maintenance can count on Universal Landscape for all of their landscaping needs. A team of skilled professionals and horticulturalists offer innovative landscape solutions that improve energy efficiency, reduce noise pollution, enhance safety, and build community at commercial or strata developments.

Occupational Health and Safety

In need of occupational health and safety (OHS) consulting, personnel, or training? Universal Health and Safety has become an industry leader in OHS. WorkSafeBC and project managers often recommend their courses to new hires including occupational first aid, worksite safety, mobile equipment training, WHMIS training, and traffic control. They also offer companies support with developing OHS programs and manuals, conducting audits, understanding regulation and standards, mentoring, and policy updating/writing.

Staffing Services

Last but not least, M3 Personnel is a staffing agency that counts on both basic and elite personnel to suit a variety of projects and skill needs. From construction to special events, M3 personnel focuses on recruiting quality personnel to ensure customer satisfaction. Staff can count on fair wages and vetted work environments while project managers can count on a streamlined staffing process and reliable staff.

We’re here for you!

So call us if you need staff for your next event. Let us put together your next traffic management plan. Hire our flaggers to minimize disruptions on your project site. Sign up for a class to advance your career in traffic control. Borrow the right equipment to get things done. Now you know! No matter your project needs, Universal Group is here for you.

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